Loving the magical candy the Gobstopper, the sugary delight of seeing different colors as one licks and licks, the artist Jean Rim is exploring her past in an abstract process of layering paint and then plunging, scraping and carving into the buildup. Memories are flawed or contorted to what one desires to retrieve and the psychedelic end product of each painting allows the viewer to be hoodwinked into believing the narrative to be benign. But all stories of childhood, tween, young sexuality into adulthood comes with hurdles and trips and downtimes alongside the bliss and joys. The flashbacks can sometimes stop one in their step, a body jerk or a breathe that suddenly shortens, these gestures become the marks which create the visceral surface of the paintings. Not all minutes of life is bleak but the highs are not great without the counter balance of the opposing force. The artist is digging for the story.

“My biggest fear is losing my eyesight. I make work that one can touch and feel, especially my paintings. I started making art before I could talk, creativity was a way to manage emotions around immigrating to the United States as a young child. The world of two different languages did not matter when one can draw.” Jean Rim 
A graduate of Parson School of Design (1997) and attended the San Francisco Art Institute (2005) for a shot at an MFA, Jean Rim organically is carving her path through the labyrinth of the vast art landscape and the Earth. Her life experiences as a healer and her travels embody her work as a painter, photographer and performer. She currently works in Brooklyn, NY and exhibits in South Korea and the United States.

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