The evolution of the new series starts with the classic tale of a mermaid who turns to foam. Being an outsider, as an immigrant who came on her 100th day of breathe, the place I call home can be safe and wildly obtuse about where I should be residing. The Little Mermaid is a beloved tale about love and sacrifice and those two words are often the path for women. There is a heroine’s journey and mine happens in a studio in East New York-- way out in Brooklyn. I hope to conjure wonderment and the viewer’s own visual journey as they look deep into my paintings.
It starts with layers of enamal paints of colors that remind me of the sea that symbolizes the emotional realm. The calm and the stormy, sunsets and surises, full moon and dark moons the colors shift according to a universal ancient clock. The first edition was very uniformed and focused on emanating the scales of a mermaid’s tail flashing out of the water. (There was a time myths were real; how I earn for those days when my mind was open and playful.) Now I am pushing the bounaries and sinking deeper into my own story. As a believer in CO-CREATION every thought and action is participating in making this vivid life I walk. The new paintings are now literally gouging, carving my life’s story.
The marks are personal. The marks are from my core as my Ancient Ones started before language they carved and marked wood. This practice flows through me this present moment.
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