Here three women celebrate happiness, each other and motherhood this ritual was visually inspired by the Rider-Waite tarot card Three of Cups.
The backdrop is Cervera, Cataluna, Spain in front of an ancient Roman church where annual bacchanals still take place. The two women to my left and right are: a Catalan documentary filmmaker, Xavier Marrades’s mother Maria Orga, she wears the dark green dress and then Peggy Arrou, a French Yogi who where's the Olive green dress they are both mothers to the Yin (female) and Yang (male) souls. Between them I stand, who has chosen in this life to not bear children but express the archetype of motherhood in other ways. The dresses have pockets the “mothers” have fruits that they squeeze into the goblets and afterwards we drink from their symbolic labor. This piece is my ‘ode to the all the mothers out there. 
The soundtrack is a collection of different recordings in different languages from mothers where I asked "What is motherhood to you?" 
First, Deborah Oster Pannell, a writer, flutist and caretaker of 16 year old boy 
Then in French, Peggy Arrou, the Goddess in the Olive Green Dress in the performance who drove all the way to meet me to this, she recently left her beloved Maui and has relocated back to France with her family
Following is Niizeki Hiromi who says a beautiful statement in Japanese about food and feeding loved ones
Then I the artist recites a statement from Trish N. Thomas, the witch behind Good Body Products, VT where she makes potions taught from her mother to heal others from her garden
and last most darling is Maria Orga the woman in the dark 
green dress who speaks in Catalan about the birth of her son, the documentary filmmaker, Xavier Marrades
The music you hear is recorded by Jiin Yang, a world renowned violinist and a new mother, this is a song she feels sings motherhood to her:
Bach Andante from his Second Solo Violin Sonata
This piece is filmed and edited by Xavier Marrades and was performed on February 2, 2020.
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